Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Parents Association AGM this Thursday.

Just a reminder that we will be holding the AGM of the Parents Association this Thursday 12th November at 8pm in the school.

This is our second attempt to hold the AGM as the attempt in October was very poorly attended. We really need your support at this meeting. The Parents Association is there to support parents but without the participation of parents the association itself can't function.

1. Welcome & Apologies,
2. Minutes from last meeting.
3. Chair's report
4. Secretary's report.
5. Treasurer's report.
6. Update by Principal Claire Moloney.
7. Election of Officers.
8. Plans for Christmas (Santa & Market Stall)
9. AOB

Some other issues:
The school will be holding a Christmas Market in early December. As part of our fundraising for the year, and to support the school, it was agreed at the last meeting that we would take a stall. Please start to think about anything you could donate to help the stall. As usual baked goods will be gratefully accepted but if anyone is good at crafts and can make something to be sold at the stall that would also be appreciated.

Finally as you may be aware the school is in the process of selecting a new Board of Management. An election will be held for two parents reps on the BOM, one male and one female. As discussed at the last meeting it is important that the Parents Association is represented on the board and that the parents reps on the BOM should in turn attend the Parents Association. This gives a formal process for the concerns of parents to be raised with the board (through the parents association and on to the BOM) and it also more closely links the school with the parents association so we can work together on things like fundraising etc.

Accordingly I have put myself forward for male parent position on the board of management. Eilish Fenton is also running for the female parent on the BOM. If elected to the board I will continue to attend Parents Association meetings and work to build the link between the BOM and the parents. I haven't seen the list of candidates but if anyone else from the Parents Association is running I will post their details here. Voting forms will be sent home from the school in the next few days. Hopefully at least one active member of the Parents Association will be elected to represent the parents of the school on the BOM.

Thanks & Regards,
Colm Flynn

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A note from Scoil Mhuire Parents Association

A note from Scoil Mhuire Parents Association

All parents have an important role to play in ensuring their child’s years in school are a positive time in their lives. We want to help. The parents association is your association.
During the year 2014/2015 with the school staff, we the parents ran, organised and fundraised for the following:

         Tea/coffee welcome for parents of all new entrants.
           Provided all the food and refreshments after the annual Fun Run.
         Organised and funded the annual Sports Day for the kids.
         Purchased a wind sculpture to remember the 6th class students.
         Helped the school run events such as grandparents’ day and the official opening of the school garden.
         Held a craft & bake sale at the Christmas Concerts.
         Brought an expert guest speaker to speak about bullying.

Without the funds to buy things, parents to help and a parents association to organise these events, they will not happen. We think these activities are important and we hope you agree.  So we need some feedback from you.
Our next meeting is on Thursday November 12th at 8pm in the school please come along and share your voice.

Scoil Mhuire Parents Association Parents Survey 2015

We have sent a survey to all parents. If you didn't get it or if you would prefer to answer on e-mail please complete the below and e-mail it to scoilmhuireparentassoc@gmail.com
Do you want the parents association events to continue?                       Yes      No

Do you want to be informed of these events?                                         Yes     No

If yes please add your details so we can keep in touch.

Name of Parent:____________________________

Name of child/children and class/classes:____________________________

Mobile Telephone number:____________________________

Email address (if you have one):____________________________

Please let us know your opinion about the type of events we run. We are delighted to have people help us in any way they can.

Sporting events e.g School sports day:

Do you think this is important?                     Yes            No

Would you be willing to contribute some time to running such events?    Yes      No

Social Events e.g welcome for new parents in the school

Do you think this is important?                 Yes            No

Would you be willing to contribute some time to running such events?    Yes      No

Fundraising for parent association activities.

Do you think this is important?                  Yes            No

Would you be willing to contribute some time to running such events?    Yes      No

Fundraising for school equipment:

Do you think this is important?                   Yes            No

Would you be willing to contribute some time to running such events?    Yes      No

If there are any issues that cause you concern or you have a particular topic you would like a guest speaker to speak on, make a note here: