Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cyber-bullying & Parents

E.U. ParentNets Project: Cyber-bullying & Parents

As part of a concerted effort to aid parents in the prevention and combating of cyber-bullying amongst children the E.U. has established the 'ParentNets' project, which aims to provide a practical tool for parents to use to better inform themselves and, crucially, help deal this problem.

The Anti-Bullying Centre in Dublin City University, as the Irish partners of the ParentNets project, is running a survey for parents of Irish children. This survey is a crucial part of the project as it will help inform them of the needs of parents, and guide the design of the output of the project towards being of most use to parents.
As a central part of that project they would be exceptionally grateful therefore, if you have a child aged between 9 - 16, if you could take the time to complete this short survey on internet usage by yourself and your children.

Here is the weblink to the survey -