Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New NPC training for Parents in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services – please see an application for same attached.

‘Supporting parents to support their children’s mental health and well being’
Positive mental health and wellbeing enables young people to lead fulfilling lives. It is recognised that the family is the primary source of nurturing and support for children and the promotion of their positive mental health.

This programme supports parents to encourage and promote positive mental health and wellbeing in their children. The programme also explores how the building of resilience in children helps them to manage and cope with the day to day stresses of life as they occur

Parents who attend this session will:
1.      Explore the factors that influence mental health and well being in their child.
2.      Learn how to build and nurture resilience within their own child.
3.      Be given tips on how best to support their child’s positive mental health and wellbeing.